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          The Bahamas comprise 2,000 islands and cays which stretch across 470,000 square kilometres between Florida and Cuba. The rich and famous come for the glamorous hotels, newly-weds for a romantic getaway and divers come for shark and dolphin encounters, eerie World War wrecks and spectacular drop-offs.

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          Each island has its own character and the diving changes from location to location. Explore the beautiful coral gardens of the Exumas and the Abacos, or visit one of the world's most extensive cave systems off Grand Bahama. Sharks are commonly encountered throughout the Bahamas, but thousands of divers every year choose the famous Tiger Beach in Nassau, home to the sharks for which it is named

          From the best of Bahamian diving to land-based adventures and essential need-to-know information for travelling, we've got all of it covered in the sections below.

          Welcome to DIVE Magazine's guide to the Bahamas....



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