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          UK Shark Conservation Charity Offers Shark Awareness Presentations for Schools

          shark guardian schools title

          Shark Guardian, one of the UK's leading shark conservation charities, is offering schools the opportunity to educate and inform students about sharks, and the need for their conservation, through a range of activities, workshops, educational presentations and other resources.

          Sharks have been in existence for 400 million years – that's several million years before the dinosaurs and, in fact, older than trees. Today, up to 100 million sharks each year are taken from our oceans, and now one-third of all species are at risk of extinction. Over the last decade, huge efforts have been made to encourage further protections for all of our marine ecosystems, and shark conservation charities such as Shark Guardian are a crucial part of that work.

          Since 2009, founders Brendon Sing and Elizabeth Ward-Sing, together with a growing team of presenters, have delivered Shark Guardian presentations to local and international schools across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and the UK, inspiring thousands of students about marine conservation, ocean protection and particularly shark conservation. Shark Guardian has also published two children’s books, hundreds of which have been donated to schools, worldwide, for free.

          shark guardian brendon and liz

          Founders of Shark Guardian Brendon Sing and Elizabeth Ward-Sing (Photo: Shark Guardian)

          Some of Shark Guardian's educational activities include:

          • Shark and Marine conservation presentations
          • Conservation workshops and discussions
          • Book readings with interactive education
          • Research projects using citizen science
          • Participating in environmental conferences and Dive Shows
          • Shark and marine expeditions#
          • Educational shark and marine conservation courses for divers and snorkelers#
          • School educational eco field trips for AI, CAS and Duke of Edinburgh requirements

          Shark Guardian's presentation for schools is designed as an interesting and educational event for all age groups, aimed towards shark conservation and action through education and awareness. Presenters use a variety of multimedia slides and videos to educate the audience about sharks, their role in the food chain of the ocean, and their importance not just for the preservation of the world's oceans, but the also future of the planet and its human inhabitants.

          shark guardian schools presentation

          Liz and Brendon take the stage for a shark conservation presentation (Photo: Shark Guardian)

          The presentations usually last between 30-60 minutes, and can be adapted for the age range of the audience or to meet specific curriculum requirements if necessary. Topics covered during the presentations include:

          • Misunderstandings, false perceptions and fears of sharks
          • Sharks as apex predator and their important role in the marine ecosystem
          • Ecosystems and food chains
          • Shark evolution
          • Shark biology and species
          • Threats to sharks
          • Shark conservation and action
          • Global issues: trash/plastic/marine debris, coastal development and destruction
          • Endangered species and IUCN classification
          • Sharks and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

          More information for teachers and parents about organising a Shark Guardian presentation can be found on the charity's website at www.sharkguardian.org, or contact the team directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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