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        1. Featured Photographer | Klaus Stiefel

          Featured Photographer Klaus



          Klaus Stiefel is an underwater photographer and videographer based in the Philippines. Austrian by birth but a citizen of the ocean by heart, he has dived and photographed in California, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Micronesia and the Philippines.

          Klaus teaches fish and coral reef biology as an adjunct professor at the Institute of Environmental and Marine Sciences at Silliman University in the Philippines. His main research interests are the biodiversity and the behaviour of gobies, a family of small marine and freshwater fishes.

          He is also a technical diving instructor and a published popular science author.


          amblyeleotris 50921901711 o

          Shrimp Goby, Amblyeleotris sp.
          A shrimp goby perching at the entrance of its burrow, watching out for approaching predators with its sharp eyes,
          placed high on its head for optimal vision.


           bryaninops yongei 50256830037 o

          Love the Whip, Bryaninops yongei
          A whip coral goby. These small fish never leave their coral home as adults.


           clam opening 37130954100 o

          Clam Opening
          The colourful mantle opening of a giant clam.

          crested horn shark lunch ii 10116019355 o 

          Eggs for Breakfast
          A crested horn shark in Botany Bay, feeding on the egg case of a closely related Port Jackson horn shark.

           giant clam patterns 43013467392 o

          Clam Opening II
          Depending on the species of giant clam and on the symbiotic algae which live in the clam’s tissue,
          the mantle’s colours and patterns can be quite different.

           gray nurse shark 8321669284 o

          The Australian grey nurse shark (shot in Botany Bay) is called ragged tooth in South Africa
          and sand tiger shark in the US. What an impressive fish!


          leafy seadragon 12473392465 o 

          A leafy seadragon in South Australia. This relative of the seahorses camouflages
          itself as a piece of floating seaweed.



          My friend Arielle in a mermaid costume, about to collide with the exhalation bubble I produced.


           mushroom coral pipefish 50563850898 o

          Mushroom Lover
          The mushroom coral pipefish spends its entire adult (post-larval) life in a mushroom coral.
          What looks like a skinny worm is in fact a seahorse relative.


           ornate ghost pipefish 28254139199 o

          The ghost pipefishes are cousins to the seahorses and pipefishes.
          The ornate ghost pipefish mimics a crinoid to remain undetected by predators.

           pygmy seahorse 5646491646 o

          The pygmy seahorse is one of the smallest known vertebrate animals. It lives on soft corals, usually at depths below 25 metres.

          stick pipefish 40232404011 o 

          Stick Pipefish
          This pipefish pretends to be a wooden stick that has fallen into the ocean. Despite being mid-sized, up to 30 centimetres,
          it is very easy to miss due to its camouflage.

           thresher up close 16231084810 o

          Thresher Shark
          A thresher shark in Malapascua, Philippines, where these amazing animals visit a cleaner station every day in the early morning hours.

           upside down surfer 25534216578 o

          Upside Down Surfer
          My friend Tomas surfing – but standing on the other side of the surfboard!

           pleurosicya elongata 50256829887 o

          Camouflage Master
          This goby has, in the course of the evolution of its species, acquired camouflage to perfectly blend in on the surface of its sponge host



          Find more from Klaus on Instagram @pacificklaus and his website at www.pacificklaus.com


          If you'd like to see your underwater photography published on these pages and shared across our social media feed and weekly newsletter, why not drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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