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          Scubapro Launches Updated Range of S-Tek Tech Diving Products

          scubapro s tek tech range title

          Scubapro's new S-Tek Pure (L) and Pro (R) harnesses and 30lb donut wing

          Scubapro has relaunched its S-Tek range for 2021 with new wings, two harness/backplate designs and a host of accessories geared towards technical divers.

          The minimalist S-Tek Pure continuous webbing harness is aimed at the DIR community, with a fixed shoulder-length harness as standard or an extender mode for more adjustable strap options. The harness comes with angled webbing slots for increased diver comfort, and two pre-bent Drings on the shoulders, one D-ring on the waist and two on the crotch. The 3D formed backplate is available in either steel or aluminium, and shoulder and waist pad colour kits allow for 7 different colour customisation options.

          scubapro s tek tech range donuts

          The S-Tek Pro harness adds a greater range of shoulder buckle adjustments and D-ring heights to suit different torso lengths, plus moulded pads to cushion the diver's shoulders, waist and back. The backplate is also available in steel or aluminium with the same complement of colour customisation options as the Pro model. 

          The S-Tek Donut Wings are available in 13kg (30 lb), 18kg (40 lb) and 27kg (60 lb) capacities, constructed with a 1000Denier Cordura outer shell and 500D bladder, an improved rounded profile over previous versions and a single inflator hose. 

          Scubapro is offering the new systems as individual items or as Packaged sets including harness, backplate, wing and single tank adapter priced at between €750 - €850 for the Pure version and €750 - €850 for the Pro package.

          scubapro s tek tech reel spool

          S-Tek Spinner Spool (L) and Expedition Reel (R)

          A revamped range of accessories has also been added to the S-Tek relaunch, including the S-Tek Expedition Reel available in 100m or 200m line lengths, with anti-snag lock-down scren and line capacity gauge; and the S-Tek Spinner Spool, designed to look like Scubapro's classic G250 second stage, with spinner discs keeping the spool in-hand while rotating and allowing the application of a 'disc-brake' effect by squeezing them together. The spinner spools are available in 15m, 30m and 45m lengths, with colour kits also available for colour-coordinating techies.

          Other accessories include new weight systems, thigh pockets, stage kits, bungees, trim sets, snap hooks and - more colour coordination kits. 

          scubapro s tek tech colour kits

          Co-ordinate your gear with Scubapro's colour kits

          S-Tek Pure BP/Wing package: €750 - €850
          S-Tek Pro BP/Wing package: €850 - €950
          S-Tek Expedition Reel 100m: €199 / 200m: €225
          S-Tek Spinner Spool 15m: €55.00 / 30m: €59 / 45m: €68






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