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        1. 2021 DIVE Travel Awards - Two Weeks Left to Vote!

          dive travel awards 2021 october

          There are two weeks left to vote for your favourite scuba diving destinations, dive centres and resorts and liveaboards in the 2021 DIVE Travel Awards. As is always the case, there have been some notable last-minute moves, and a solid bit of campaigning could make a lot of difference to the results...

          Previous Updates: JUNE | JULY | AUGUST | SEPTEMBER

          The DIVE Travel Awards always sees a burst of last-minute activity. It's like a middle-distance running race - some leave the blocks and go off all guns blazing to take an early lead, others head up the rankings with a last-lap sprint. Another 18 liveaboards and 12 destinations have been added to the total list, but the dive centres and resorts category has seen a huge increase with another 74 operators added.

          On the surface, it looks like nothing has happened in the Destinations category, with the top 13 places not having changed in the last month - but this is very much not the case. Indonesia is almost certain to win (again) and Egypt's second place is pretty solid, but third place is very much up for grabs and recent voting has narrowed a lot of gaps in the middle of the table.

          Previous winners Papua Explorers Dive Resort and its Coralia liveaboard have led their respective categories for some time now, but those last-minute sprinters may yet make a difference as previous winners Siladen Resort & Spa leapfrog Scuba Junkie and Dive Ninjas into second place, while Sharm's Elite Diving and Fiji's Volivoli Beach Resort are following close behind.

          Similarly, in the liveaboards category, it would be easy for the top placings to change rapidly, and although the boats further down the table have a lot of catching up to do, a handful of votes could easily shuffle some big names out of the Top Ten.

          Voting in the 2021 DIVE Travel Awards has now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners later in November.
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          Papua Explorers Dive Resort, Raja Ampat Coralia, Raja Ampat
          Egypt Siladen Resort & Spa, North Sulawesi Bilikiki, Solomon Islands
          Mexico Dive Ninja Expeditions, Cabo San Lucas Dewi Nusantara, Indonesia
          Malaysia Scuba Junkie Sipadan (Mabul) Mermaid II, Indonesia
          Maldives 5   Elite Diving, Sharm El Sheikh
          5   Mermaid I, Indonesia
          Philippines Volivoli Beach Resort/Ra Divers, Fiji
          Nai'a, Fiji
          Fiji Misool Eco Resort, Raja Ampat
          Nautilus Explorer, Mexico
          Solomon Islands Uepi Island Dive Resort, Solomon Islands Sea Hunter, Cocos Island
          Galápagos Scuba Seekers, Dahab Spoilsport, Cairns
          10 Papua New Guinea 10 Blue Corner Dive, Nusa Penida 10 Wunderpus, Komodo
          11 Palau 11 Pure Dive Resort, Nusa Penida
          11 Damai I, Indonesia
          12 Australia 12 B&J Dive Resort, Tioman, Malaysia 12 Amira, Indonesia
          13 Thailand 13 Scuba Junkie Komodo
          13 Arenui, Indonesia
          14 Costa Rica/Cocos Island 14 Ceningan Divers, Nusa Ceningan 14 Calico Jack, Raja Ampat
          15 Bonaire 15 Meridian Adventure Dive Resort, Indonesia
          15 FeBrina, PNG
          16 UK 16
          Oceans 5 Dive Resort, Gili Air 16 Pindito, Indonesia
          17 French Polynesia 17 Reeflex Divers, Nusa PenidaScuba Junkie Penida
          17 Pindito, Indonesia
          18 USA 18 Critters at Lembeh Resort, Lembeh 18 Rocio Del Mar, Mexico
          19 Honduras 19 Scuba Junkie Penida 19 Palau Siren
          20 Cayman Islands 20 Raja Ampat Biodiversity Nature Resort 20 Pelagian, Wakatobi
          21 Portugal/Azores 21 Penguin Divers Club, Dahab
          21 Argo, Cocos Island
          22 Mozambique 22 Papua Paradise Eco Resort, Raja Ampat 22 Emperor Elite, Red Sea
          23 South Africa 23 Wakatobi Dive Resort, Southeast Sulawesi
          23 Oceania, PNG
          24 Malta/Gozo 24 Gangga Island Resort & Spa, N. Sulawesi 24 Okeanos Aggressor, Costa Rica
          25 Mauritius 25 Dive Into Lembeh, Lembeh
          25 Seven7Seas, Red Sea

          The complete list (as of 21 October 2021)

          New Zealand
          Cook Islands
          Dominican Republic
          Cape Verde
          Turks & Caicos
          British Virgin Islands
          Isle of Man
          Marshall Islands
          New Caledonia
          S?o Tomé and Príncipe
          St Lucia
          US Virgin Islands
          Blue Corner Dive, Nusa Lembongan
          Green Nirvana Resort Maratua, Indonesia
          Walindi Plantation Resort, PNG
          Scuba Junkie Sangalaki
          Lissenung Island Resort, PNG
          Camel Dive Club, Sharm El Sheikh
          Evolution Diving Malapascua
          Red Sea Diving Safari, Marsa Shagra
          Tufi Dive Resort, PNG
          AquaMarine Diving - Bali
          NAD Lembeh
          Aldora Divers, Cozumel
          Lotus Bungalows Candidasa, Bali
          Atlantis Dumaguete
          Buddy Dive Resort, Bonaire
          Dressel Divers, Cozumel
          Komodo Resort
          Murex Dive Resorts, Indonesia
          Villa Markisa, Bali
          Beqa Adventure Divers, Fiji
          Dive Munda, Solomon Islands
          Emperor Divers, Sharm El Sheikh
          Sorido Bay Resort, Raja Ampat
          Dive Gizo, Solomon Islands
          Dive Spirit Mauritius
          Kri Eco Resort, Raja Ampat
          Sam's Tours Palau
          Alami Alor
          Atmosphere Dauin, Philippines
          Geko Dive, Padang Bai, Bali
          Kungkungan Bay Resort Lembeh Indonesia
          Manta Dive, Gili Trawangan
          Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort
          Turtle Bay Divers, Perhentian Island
          Abyss Ocean World, Bali
          Abyss Scuba Diving, Sydney
          Big Blue Diving Kho Tao
          Blue Marlin, Komodo
          Desert Divers, Dahab
          Dive into Raja Ampat
          Fish 'n Finns, Palau
          French Kiss Divers, Malapascua
          Kalimaya Dive Resort, Indonesia
          Little Cayman Beach Resort
          Raja4Divers, Indonesia
          Sea Rovers, Pemuteran, Bali
          The Dive Bus, Curacao
          ABC Dream Divers Safaga Red Sea
          Amun Ini, Bohol, Philippines
          Anthony’s Key, Honduras
          Aqua Fun Sharm
          Asia Divers Puerto Galera
          Big Blue Dahab
          Blue Corner Dive, Nusa Penida
          Captain Don’s Habitat Bonaire
          Coco View, Roatan
          Cortez Expeditions, La Paz
          Critters at Lembeh Resort, Lembeh
          Dive Diva, Bonaire
          Dive Friends, Bonaire
          Dive Resort, Raja Ampat
          Divers Lodge Lembeh
          Emperor Divers, El Gouna
          Emperor Divers, Marsa Alam
          Mafia Island Diving, Tanzania
          Magic Island Resort, Philippines
          Manta Rhei, Labuan Bajo
          Neptune Scuba Diving, Bali
          Orca Dive Centre, Soma Bay
          Palau Dive Adventures
          Rainbow Reef, Key Largo
          Scuba Club Cozumel
          Sinai Divers, Sharm El Sheikh
          Sunset House, Grand Cayman
          Tasik Ria, Manado
          Taveuni Dive Resort, Fiji
          The 6 Passengers, Rangiroa
          Top Dive Rangiroa
          Tulagi Dive, Solomon Islands
          Turneffe Island Resort, Belize
          Two Fish Divers, Lembeh
          Two Fish Divers, Lembongan
          VIP Diving, Bonaire
          World Diving, Nusa Lembongan, Bali
          Air Dive Alor
          Akaya Bali
          All 4 Diving Indonesia
          Alor Divers, Indonesia
          Aquarium Red Sea, Sharm
          Atlantic Scuba, Cornwall UK
          Atlantis Puerta Galara
          Baros Maldives
          Bedouin Divers, Dahab
          Big Blue Divers @ Rasdhoo, Maldives
          Black Sand Dive Retreat, Lembeh
          Bubbles Dive Centre, Perhentian, Malaysia
          Dahab Divers Technical (Team Blue Immersion)
          Divemaster Scuba, Nottingham
          Divers Pro Corner, Hurghada
          Duck's Dive Center, Mangrove Bay, Egypt
          Emperator Dive Center, Mauritius
          Extra Divers, Egypt
          Fantasea Divers Dahab
          Four Seasons Laanda Giravaru Maldives
          Gili Divers, Gili Trawangan
          GO WEST Diving Curacao
          God's Pocket Resort, Canada
          Harmony Bay Resort and Dive Centre, Sulawesi,
          iDive Komodo
          Jack's Diving Locker, Kona
          James & Mac, Hurghada
          Joe's Gone Diving, Bali
          Kona Diving Company, Hawaii
          Lacadives, Dive Center Andaman Islands, India
          Lady Elliot Island Resort, Australia
          Latitude Encounters, Baja California
          Lembeh Resort, Indonesia
          Loloata Island Resort, PNG
          Manta Diving Lanzarote
          Matava, Kadavu, Fiji
          Mirihi Island Resort, Maldives
          Nature Island Dive, Dominica
          Nemo Dive Center, Dubai
          Oonas Dive Club, Sharm El Sheikh
          Paradise Tavenui, Fiji
          Peri Peri Divers, Tofo, Mozambique
          Pissouri Bay Divers, Pissouri Cyprus
          Prodivers Kuredu
          Protec Dive Center, Tulum
          Pura Vida, Philippines
          Purple Dive, Nusa Penida
          Raiders Hotel & Dive, Solomon Islands
          Red Sea Diving College, Sharm El Sheikh
          Red Sea Tribe, Dahab
          Scorpio Divers Cancún
          Scuba Dive West, Galway, Ireland
          Scuba Iguana, Ecuador
          Scuba Republic, Raja Ampat
          Scuba Shack, Koh Tao
          Sea Breeze Bunaken
          Sea Dancer Dive Centre, Dahab
          Sea Souls Dive Resort, Bangka
          Sharks Bay Umbi, Sharm El Sheikh
          Sinai Blues, Sharm El Sheikh
          Siren Diving Nusa Lembongan
          South Coast Dive
          Splash Dive Centre, Placencia, Belize
          Subex Hurghada
          Sun Divers Roatan
          Thalassa Dive Center Bunaken
          Thalassa Lembeh
          The Three Corners Fayrouz, Marsa Alam
          Triton Bay Divers, West Papua
          Uber Scuba Komodo
          Vilamendhoo, Maldives
          AC Divers, Plata del Carmen
          Adventure Divers, Amed, Bali
          Agulhas House Dive Centre, South Africa
          Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort
          Aliwal Dive Center South Africa
          All West, Couracao
          Alona Divers, Panglao, Bohol
          AMD-B Bali
          Anchor Diving, Malta
          Angel Divers Perhentian Island
          Anilao Photo Academy
          Aqaba Diving, Jordan
          Aqua Fun Dahab
          Aqua Planet Dive Centre, Protea Banks
          Aqua Safaris Cozumel
          Aqualonde Plongée, La Londe Les Maures, France
          Aquanauts Dive Adventures
          Aquarius, Hurghada
          ASA Buceo, Buenos Aires
          Asia Dive Resort Thailand
          Atalaia Dive Center Madeira
          Atlantic Divers Tenerife
          Atlantis Diving Center, Gozo
          Azul Unlimited, Labuan Bajo
          Azure Dive Resort, Dauin, Philippines
          Back to Basics Adventure, Ponta D'Ouro
          Baja Shark Divers, Baja California
          Bali Breizh Divers
          Bali Divers
          Bali Hai Divers
          Bali Permuteran Sea Rovers
          Bali Scuba
          Balimoon Divers, Padang Bai
          Ban’s Dive Resort Koh Tao
          Barbados Blue
          Baron Resort, Sharm
          Barracuda Diving Center Kas Turkey
          Bastianos Bunaken, Indonesia
          Big Apple Dive Resort, Puerto Galera, Philippines
          Big Blue Divers, Seychelles
          Big Blue Diving Costa Rica
          Black Marlin Dive Resort, Sulawesi
          Blue Abyss, Moalboal, Philippines
          Blue experience diving / Akuamel Mexico
          Blue Label Diving, Phuket
          Blue Lagoon Dive Centre, Truk Lagoon
          Blue Marlin, Gili Meno
          Blue Ocean, Dahab
          Boutique Beach Dhigurah
          Breakers Somabay, Egypt
          Bruce Bowker Carib Inn
          Bubbles Team, Dahab
          Buceando Mahahual Costa Maya
          Buceo Anilao Beach & Dive Resort
          Buceo Carey, La Paz Mexico
          Buceo Gavilana, Costa Rica
          Buddha View, Koh Tao
          Bunaken Oasis Resort & Spa
          Calypso Diving Koh Tao
          Cape Paperu Resort, Indonesia
          Caribbean club Divers
          Cenoten Adventures, Playa del Carmen, Mexiko
          Challenge Diving, Cozumel
          CIP Frejus, Frejus, France
          Circle Divers, Sharm El Sheikh
          Coco Diving Centre, Cuba
          Cocoa Island Maldives
          Coconut Divers, Cancun, Mexico
          Cocotinos Lombok
          Compass Point, Grand Cayman
          Constance Moofushi, Maldives
          Coral Bay Divers
          Coral Beach Hurghada
          Coral Coast Dahab
          Coraya Divers Egypt
          Coron Divers Dive Centre, Philippines
          Critter Junkies Ambon
          Critters at Lembeh Resort, Lembeh
          Crystal Blue Resort, Anilao
          Crystal Dive Kho Tao
          Curious2Dive, Curacao
          Cydive, Cyptus
          Da Blue Juice- Sodwana bay/ South Africa
          Dahab Divers
          Dahab Divers Lodge
          Daniela Dive Resort, Dahab
          Darkside Divers MX, Playa del Carmen
          Deco Divers, Egypt
          Devocean, Malapascua
          Dharavandoo Divers, Maldives
          Diamond Dive Center
          Dingle Bay Divers Ireland
          Discover Diving
          Dive & Relax Koh Lanta, Thailand
          Dive Adventures Los Cabos
          Dive Asia Tioman
          Dive Bandos, Maldives
          Dive Cabo, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
          Dive Centre Manly, NSW Australia
          Dive Into Ambon
          Dive Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia
          Dive Komodo
          Dive Mexico Tristan
          Dive Net Philippines
          Dive Ningaloo
          Dive Oceanus Sun Island - Maldives
          Dive Planet, Anilao
          Dive Point, Cyprus
          Dive Rarotonga, Cook Islands
          Dive Savaii, Samoa
          Dive Solana, Philippines
          Dive Spa Relax Bali
          Dive St Abbs, Eyemouth, Scotland
          Dive Systems, Malta
          Divemed, Malta
          Diventures, Dahab
          Diver Dans Santa Clara California
          Diverland Gan, Maldives
          Divers Den, Tobermory, ON
          Divers Paradise. Komodo
          Diversity Scuba
          Divertainment, KL, Malaysia
          DiveWise Malta
          Divine Dive Center, Komodo, Indonesia
          Diving Center Werner Lau, Bali, Indonesia
          Diving de Flamingo, El Quisier
          Diving Mexico, Puerto Aventuras, Mexico
          Dolphin Diving Center, Kalamitsi, Greece
          Dolphin House, Moal Boal Philippines
          Dressel Divers, Playa del Carmen
          Dressel Divers, Puerto Aventuras
          DV Diving Northern Ireland
          East Coast Divers, Bonaire
          Eco Divers, Lembeh
          Eco2 Mikindani, Mtwara, Tanzania
          Ecodive Bridgetown Barbados
          El Mar Diving Center / San Carlos Mexico
          El Nido Resorts, Miniloc Island
          Embudu Diverland, Maldives
          Emperor Divers, Maldives
          Equation Dive & Travel, Panglao, Philippines
          Euro Divers Hurghada
          Euro Divers Kani, Maldives
          Euro Divers Vilamendhoo, Maldives
          Euro Divers, Marsa Alam
          European Diving School, France
          Extra Divers Salalah/Oman
          Extra Divers, Nunukan, Indonesia
          Faial Azores
          Farne Divers, UK
          FiftySix Ko Tao
          Filitheyo, Maldives
          Fish Rock Cave Dive Centre, Australia
          Five in Raja Ampat
          Flamingo Divers, TCI
          Flora Bay
          Fort Young Dominica
          Fred Lombard, Safaga, Egypt
          Freeway Scuba Tulum
          French Divers/Malapascu
          French Kiss Divers, Indonesia
          French Touch Diving Malta
          Froggies, Bunaken, Indonesia
          Fuvahmulah Diving, Maldives
          Gary's Dive Shop San Carlos, Mexico
          Gorgonia Beach, Marsa Alam
          H2O Divers, Dahab
          H2O Diving Center, Palamós, Spain
          Heart Club, Ishigaki, Japan
          Hope of Spring Dive - Saudi Arabia
          Iberostar Cozumel
          IDive Athuruga Maldives
          Impian Divers Thailand
          IPA Divers, Cyprus
          Isla Marisol Resort
          Island Divers Phi Phi
          Island Divers St. Lucia
          Jackson's Dive Center, Roatan
          JMC Resort, Fiji
          Jupiter Dive Center Jupiter Florida
          Kasai Village Dive Resort, Philippines
          KBR Lembeh
          Keith Thompson, Orkney, Scotland
          Kirra Dive, Tweed Heads Australia
          Ko Lipe Diving
          Koh Rong Dive Center, Cambodia
          Kohala Divers, Hawaii
          Kristal Klear Dive, Jakarta
          KTD Malta
          KTD, Koh Tao Divers, Thailand
          Kuredo Divers, Maldives
          Lady Musgrave Island
          Lanta Divers, Koh Lanta
          Lazy Turtle Dive Alor
          Le Relais Fenua, Tahiti
          Leleuvia Island Beach Resort, Fiji
          Liberty Dive Resort, Tulamben, Bali.
          Liquid Dive, Tofo, Mozambique
          Living Colours, Bunaken
          Living Underwater, Cozumel
          Lucky Dive, Philippines
          Lumba Lumba, Pulau Weh
          Lumbalumba Dive Resort Manado
          Lux Maldives
          Mabul Borneo Divers
          Magic Life, Sharm El Sheikh
          Magic Oceans Dive Resort, Bohol
          MahaRaja Eco Dive Lodge, Raja Ampat
          Malapascua Exotic Island Dive Resort
          Maltaqua, Malta
          Maluku Dive Resort, Ambon
          Marine Quest, Eyemouth, UK
          Master Divers Koh Tao
          Matahari Tulamben Resort
          Maui Dive and Snorkel
          Maui Dreams
          Mayan Princess Honduras
          Mikes, Dumagete, Phillipines.
          Mirihi Island Resort, Maldives
          Moheli Laka Lodge, Comoros
          Monkey Divers Diving Collete, Marsa Alam
          Nakaela Lodge, Seram Island
          Nautilus Diving Center, Sardinia
          ND Divers, Bum Bum Island, Malaysia
          NDAC- Chepstow, UK
          Nemo Classic Diving, Bergen Norway
          Nemo, Safaga, Egypt
          New Heaven Dive, Koh Tao
          New Son Bijou Diving Center. Hurghada
          Nico Dive Bali
          Nomad Divers, Bangka
          Nova Dive, Sanur, Indonesia
          Nuarro Dive Center
          Nusa Penida, Pure Dive Resort
          Ocean Encounters Diving Curacao
          Oceania, PNG
          Octopus Diving Centre, Dahab
          Oman Dive Center Mina Qaboos
          Paihia Dive, New Zealand
          Palau Pacific Resort
          Papau Diving, Borneo
          Paradise Diving, Malta
          Phoenix Divers, Koh Tao Thailand
          Planet Scuba India
          Pleasure Diving Centre, Sharm El Sheikh
          Poco Poco, Mafia Island, Tanzania
          Port Vendres Plongées, Port Vendres, France
          Pro Dive Cairns
          Pro Dive Costa Rica
          Pur Dive Resort,Nusa Penida
          Pyramids, Sharm El Sheikh
          Ra Divers
          Ragi Tooth South Africa
          Raiders Dive Hotel
          Raja Ampat Dive Lodge
          Rangiroa Diving Center, French Polynesia
          Red Sea Divers, Marsa Alam
          Red Sea Divers, Sharm El Sheikh
          Red Sea Diving Safari, Marsa Nakari
          Red Sea Diving Safari, Wadi Lahami
          Red Sea Explorers - Egypt
          Reethi Beach Ocean Fanatics, Maldives
          Robinson Club Somabay, Egypt
          Rocket Frog Divers Costa Rica
          Roctopus Koh Tao
          Roland Mauz, Protea Banks
          Roots Resort, Marsa Alam, Egypt
          Sailing Club Divers, Nha Trang
          Sairee Cottage, Koh Tao
          Salt Cay Divers, Turks & Caicos
          Sanbis Resort, Solomon Islands
          Scallywags Divers, Komodo
          Scorpion Diving, Sharm El Sheikh
          Scuba Center Asia, Nusa Lembongan
          Scuba Culture Melbourne
          Scuba Junction Koh Tao
          Scuba Junkie Penida
          Scuba Junkie Sanglakai
          Scuba Quest, Chepstow, UK
          Scuba Tech Diving Centre, Cyprus
          Scuba Tulum, México
          Scuba World Divers, Makadi Bay
          Scuba World Makadi Bay, Egypt
          Scubadoo, ?
          Scubalibre, Bali
          Scubalife, Malta
          ScubaMau, Cozumel
          Sea Bees, Khao Lak
          Sea Creatures, Cabo San Lucas
          Sea Dragon Khao Lak
          Sea Dwellers Divers, Key Largo
          Sea Explorers / Ocean Vida, Philipinnes
          SeaStar, Aqaba
          Seaventures Dive Resort, Sipadan
          Seven Heaven, Dahab, Egypt
          Shams Hotel & Dive Centre, Dahab
          Sharm Discovery
          Sheikh Coast Diving Center, Sharm El Sheikh
          Siddhartha Oceanfront Resort and Spa
          Simple Life Divers, Koh Tao
          Sinai Dive Club, Sharm El Sheikh
          Sinai Divers, Marsa Alam
          Sinai Divers. Aqaba, Jordan
          Sipadan Water Village
          Sirolo Dive, Phukey
          Situ Island Resort
          Six Senses Laamu
          Small Hope Bay, Bahamas
          Sogood Dive resort, Philippines
          Solo Buceo, Cancun
          Southern Cross Club, Little Cayman
          Southern Dreams Diving, Candidasa
          St Andrew's, Gozo
          Steffen Sea Sport, Aceh, Indonesia
          Subaqua Diving Center, Ka?, Türkiye
          Subex Sharm El Sheikh
          Sun Island Diver, Maldives
          Sundiver International, California
          Sunrise Island Resort, Maldives
          Taj Vivanta Maldives
          Tawali Resort, PNG
          Tempo Divers, Cyprus
          Tenggol Coral Beach Resort, Malaysia
          The Dive Shop, Hobart, Tasmania
          The Dive Shop, Sunset Beach, Preach Sihanouk, Cambodia
          The Smiling Seahorse, Ranong, Thailand
          Three P Diving Resort, Romblon
          Thresher Shark Divers, Malapascua
          Thudufushi Maldives
          Tobie Diving, Micronesia
          Tofo Scuba, Mozambique
          Trawangan Dive Centre, Gili Trawangan
          TSK Zürich
          Turquoise Bay Resort, Roatan Honduras
          Twin Dolphins, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
          Twin Island Dive, Lembongan, Bali
          Two Fish Divers, Bunaken
          Ultimate Bluewater Adventures, St Croix
          Under the Jungle, Quintana Roo
          Utila Dive Center, Honduras
          Vellmari Formentera , La Savina, Spain
          Villa Aldora, Mexico
          Wananavu Dive Resort, Fiji
          WannaDive, Bonaire
          We Be Divin', British Virgin Islands
          West Coast Divers, Mallorca
          Whitetip Marine Adventures, Fiji
          Xaloc Diving Center, Estartit Spain
          Yap Divers, Yap, Micronesia
          Zero Gravity Diving, Tenerife
          Scubaspa, Maldives
          Carpe Vita, Maldives
          Galapagos Aggressor
          Nautilus Belle Amie, Mexico
          Solmar V, Mexico
          Emperor Superior, Red Sea
          Mimic, Komodo
          Sea Serpent, Egypt
          The Seven Seas, Indonesia
          Emperor Explorer, Maldives
          Emperor Leo. Maldives
          Indo Siren
          Jaya, Indonesia
          Ocean Hunter, Palau
          Philippine Siren
          Smiling Seahorse, Thailand
          Solitude One, Micronesia
          Spirit of Freedom, Cairns, Australia
          Valhalla, UK
          Valkyrie, UK
          White Manta, Indonesia
          AquaCat Bahamas
          Blue Horizon, Egypt
          Blue Manta, Indonesia
          Blue Melody, Egypt
          Carpe Novo, Maldives
          Galapagos Sky
          Hurricane, Red Sea
          Maldives Aggressor
          Quino El Guardian, Mexico
          Royal Evolution, Red Sea
          Seaduction, Red Sea
          Wind Dancer, Cocos Island
          Adelaar, Indonesia
          Ambai, Indonesia
          Belize Aggressor
          Blackbeards, Bahamas
          Blue Force One, Maldives
          Carpe Diem, Maldives
          Cheng Ho, Indonesia
          Damai II, Indonesia
          Dolphin Dream, Bahamas
          Emperor Asmaa, Egypt
          Emperor Atoll, Maldives
          Galapagos Master
          Lejolivet Architecture
          Manta Queen, Thailand
          Nautilus Undersea, Mexico
          Nouran, Red Sea
          Palau Aggressor
          Red Sea Aggressor II
          Sea Safari 6, Indonesia
          Socorro Vortex, Mexico
          Taka, Solomon Islands
          The Smiling Seahorse
          Truk Odyssey
          Valentina, Mexico
          VIP One, Egypt
          Aldebaran, Egypt
          Aqua Galapagos
          Bella 1, Egypt
          Black Manta, Indonesia
          Blue Marlin, Komodo
          Blue Voyager, Maldives
          Blue, Egypt
          Blueshark One, Maldives
          Busy Girl, Indonesia
          Chertan, PNG
          CV Atlantis
          Emperor Echo, Red Sea
          Emperor Serenity, Maldives
          Emperor Star, Red Sea
          Eureka, Australia
          Halleluijah, Thailand
          Hammerhead I, Red Sea
          Humboldt Explorer, Galapagos
          Ikan Biru, Indonesia
          Keana, Maldives
          Komodo Dancer, Indonesia
          Rock Island Aggressor, Micronesia
          Samambaia, Indonesia
          Snefro Love, Red Sea
          Soleil 2, Maldives
          Solomons PNG Master
          Tala, Red Sea
          The Junk June Hong Chian Lee, Thailand
          Typhoon, Egypt
          Aboya, Indonesia
          Adishree, Indonesia
          Aelous, Red Sea
          Amalia, Indonesia
          Andromeda, Egypt/Sudan
          Aquasport, Egypt
          Atlantis, Egypt/Sudan
          Avalon, Cuba
          Bahamas Aggressor
          Bella 2, Egypt
          Blue Dragon, Komodo
          Blue Fin, Egypt
          Cahaya Mandiri, Raja Ampat
          Cajoma IV, Komodo
          Captain Sparrow, Red Sea
          Carlton Queen, Egypt
          Cayman Aggressor
          Clasina, UK
          Coral Queen, Egypt
          Deep Andaman Queen, Thailand
          Discovery Palawan, Philippines
          Diva Marine, Thailand
          Dive One, Egypt
          Dolce Vita, Red Sea
          Donia, Red Sea
          Eco Blue, Maldives
          Embun Laut. Komodo
          Emperor Raja Laut
          Emperor Virgo, Maldives
          Epica, Raja Ampat
          Four Seasons Explorer, Maldives
          Freedom III, Egypt
          Gaia Love, Indonesia
          Galatea, Seychelles
          Gallant Lady by Nautilus
          Grand Sea Serpeant, Egypt
          Hammerhead II, Red Sea
          Honors Legacy, Maldives
          Horizon III, Maldives
          Indo Aggressor
          Infiniti, Philippines
          Jakare, Indonesia
          Jardines Aggressor
          Komodo Aggressor
          Kona Aggressor
          Kudanil Explorer, Indonesia
          Manta Thailand
          Mistral, Egypt
          Moana, Indonesia
          Mola Mola, Indonesia
          Moonimaa, Maldives
          Mutiara Laut, Indonesia
          Nautile Evo, Red Sea
          Nautilus Gallant Lady, Mexico
          Neomi, Indonesia
          Ocean One, Maldives
          Ocean Trek, Australia
          Oceana Maria, Philippines
          Oceana Maria, Philippines
          OK Maldives, Maldives
          Oman Aggressor
          Orion, Maldives
          Raja Ampat Aggressor
          Raja Ampat Explorer
          Rascal, Indonesia
          Reef Prince, Australia
          Roatan Aggressor
          Samara II, Indonesia
          Scubaspa Maldives
          Sea Dragon Dive Center, Khao Lak, Thailand
          Sea Star, Seychelles
          Seven Seas, Egypt
          Shakti, Indonesia
          Sky Dancer, Galapagos
          Snefro Pearl, Red Sea
          Snefro Spirit, Red Sea
          Sokharaja, Komodo
          South Moon, Sharm El Sheikh
          Sunshine, Egypt
          Swell, Alaska/British Columbia
          Tatawa, Komodo
          Tempest, Egypt
          The Phinisi Cheng I S?o, Thailand
          Theia Dune, Maldives
          Tiarè Liveaboard Indonesia
          True North, Australia
          Truk Master
          Tui Tai, Fiji
          Turks and Caicos Aggressor
          Turks and Caicos Explorer II
          Velocean, Indonesia
          VIP Shrouk, Egypt
          Waow, Indonesia
          Wellenreng, Indonesia
          Whirlwind, Egypt
          Coralia, Raja Ampat


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