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        1. DTA 2021 | Top 5 Dive Centres and Resorts With Two Weeks Left to Vote 

          dive travel awards regional top 5 title

          With just two weeks to go before voting closes in our 2021 DIVE Travel Awards, 536 individual dive centres and resorts have been nominated for the position as 'Best in the World' for 2021. For many operators, however,  'Best in Region' would be just as good – maybe even better – than 'Best in World', because both scuba diving and the demands of the immensely diverse scuba diving community vary greatly across the globe. Some operators in popular scuba diving locations will have a constant turnover of customers throughout the year, whereas others will dive with the same few dive clubs perhaps once or twice a month, but it doesn't make the services that each provides any less worthy of an award than the other.

          We've collected a lot more regional data in this year's Travel Awards, and so here's a breakdown of the Top 5 dive centres and resorts in ten different regions - Indonesia; Egypt; the Philippines; Malaysia; Maldives; Mexico; Fiji, Solomons & PNG; the Caribbean; Thailand; and the UK and Ireland. With two more weeks to go, there's still time for the Top 5s to change, even if moving into the Top 10 placings might not be on the cards this year.

          Voting in the 2021 DIVE Travel Awards has now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners later in November.
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          Top 5: Indonesia

          top 5 dive centres indonesia

          Indonesia as a country for scuba diving has something of an advantage. It has the third-longest coastline in the world and, unlike Norway (no. 2) and Canada (no.1), Indonesia's is all tropical, and rather a lot of it is surrounded by luxurious coral reefs and a staggering mass of biodiversity. Some voters have suggested we break Indonesia down into individual regions, but nobody else would get a look-in if we did! Credit where credit is due, however, the Top Five dive centres and resorts are at the head of a very, very long list.

          Papua Explorers Dive Resort, Raja Ampat

          Siladen Resort & Spa, North Sulawesi (Bunaken)

          Misool Eco Resort, Raja Ampat

          Blue Corner Dive, Nusa Penida

          Pure Dive Resort, Nusa Penida


          Top 5: Egypt

          top 5 dive centres egypt

          Egypt has been top of the European scuba diving destinations list for several decades now, with its easily accessible and relatively inexpensive resorts, coupled with spectacular diving that caters to all divers from novice to serious deep tech. The naturally clear waters of the Red Sea coupled with near-permanent sunshine gives the already colourful reefs an extra level of vibrance with the possibility of big stuff passing by. Topside, Egypt has all but perfected the art of resort-based tourism and its scuba diving operators have a well-established history of quality service, with two of its Top Five dive centres currently sitting on the Top Ten list overall. 

          Elite Diving, Sharm El Sheikh

          Scuba Seekers, Dahab

          Penguin Divers Club, Dahab

          Camel Dive Club, Sharm El Sheikh

          Red Sea Diving Safari, Marsa Shagra


          Top 5: Philippines

          top 5 dive centres philippines

          The Philippines ranks sixth overall in terms of the longest coastline in the world, separated from Indonesia in the list by Russia and Greenland, not particularly renowned as scuba diving destinations! Forming the northern border of the Coral Triangle, the Philippines is made up of around 7,600 islands, with the favourite scuba diving locations quite easily accessible and home to both the vast array of biodiversity that the Coral Triangle represents, but also a spectacular collection of Second World War wrecks.

          Atlantis Dumaguete

          Atmosphere Dauin, Philippines

          Amun Ini, Bohol, Philippines

          Asia Divers Puerto Galera

          Magic Island Resort, Philippines


          Top 5: Malaysia

          top 5 dive centres malaysia

          Also situated in the Coral Triangle, Malaysia is a must-dive location for any diver who is a fan of the Asia-Pacific region. Most travellers will recognise the names of Sipadan and Mabul, the former an island home to spectacular coral reefs and big fish, the latter one of the best muck-diving sites in the world. While scuba diving tourism has long been established, some of the other locations – such as Tioman and Perhentian – are less well known, but definitely on the rise as top diving destinations.

          Scuba Junkie Sipadan (& Mabul)

          B&J Dive Resort, Tioman Island

          Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort

          Turtle Bay Divers, Perhentian Island

          Bubbles Dive Centre, Perhentian Island


          Top 5: Maldives

          top 5 dive centres maldives

          The Maldives is a nation almost perfectly suited to scuba diving. There is no island on which the ocean is more than a few minutes' walk, so it really is a case of rolling out of the guest cabin and onto the reef. Pristine white sand beaches surrounded by turquoise blue water and beautiful reefs. Almost all of the 100 resorts will have a dive centre.

          Baros Maldives

          Big Blue Divers @ Rasdhoo

          Four Seasons Laanda Giravaru

          Mirihi Island Resort

          Prodivers Kuredu


          Top 5: Mexico

          top 5 dive centres mexico

          Whatever diving, you want, Mexico has. Coral reefs? Big Stuff? Really big stuff? Caves? It's all there, from easy novice shallow reef diving to exhilarating, high-energy Pacific immersions; schools of brightly coloured tropical reef fish to manta rays, whale sharks and great whites. And then there are the cenotes, an alien realm of subterranean diving that demands high-level technical experience to make the most of, but much of which can be thoroughly enjoyed with an entry-level certification. 

          Dive Ninja Expeditions, Cabo San Lucas

          Aldora Divers, Cozumel

          Dressel Divers, Cozumel

          Cortez Expeditions, La Paz

          Scuba Club Cozumel


          Top 5: Fiji & Solomons & PNG

          top 5 dive centres fij

          Remote, pristine and full of both nature and history, the islands that make up these different nations represent some of the final frontiers of scuba diving. We've grouped them together here for that reason, but each of the listed dive centres and resorts has featured regularly in our Travel Awards over the years. The distance involved in travelling makes them some of the least accessible reefs to European travellers, but the immeasurable benefit is the much lighter human footprint in the region – and divers are not intimidated by distance.

          Volivoli Beach Resort/Ra Divers, Fiji

          Uepi Island Dive Resort, Solomon Islands

          Walindi Plantation Resort, PNG

          Lissenung Island Resort, PNG

          Tufi Dive Resort, PNG


          Top 5: Caribbean

          top 5 dive centres caribbean

          The Caribbean is comprised of more than 700 islands and cays, with as broad a diversity of climate, geography, peoples and cultures above the surface as there is life below it. From the spectacularly beautiful coral reefs of Bonaire and Cura?ao to the south, or the long island chain of the Bahamas to the north – probably the only nation in the world where you can dive regularly with tiger sharks and also pigs (although not at the same time, obviously) – and everything in between, Caribbean dive centres and resorts are somewhat under-represented in our Travel Awards. If there's one other thing Caribbean nations are famous for, though, it's being very chilled, which might explain why!

          Buddy Dive Resort, Bonaire

          Little Cayman Beach Resort

          The Dive Bus, Cura?ao

          Anthony’s Key, Honduras

          Captain Don’s Habitat, Bonaire


          Top 5: Thailand

          top 5 dive centres similans

          Thailand's proximity to the Coral Triangle means that much of its diving is absolutely stunning. The Similan Islands in particular is an outstanding destination, although it needs a liveaboard to truly experience its best and more remote extent, while closer to shore, the iconic Phuket, Phi Phi and Koh Lanta provide excellent diving and vibrant nightlife. In the Gulf of Thailand to the east, Koh Tao is an immensley popular destination; a chilled-out backpacker island with some quality diving, hence the presence of four of its dive centres in our Thai Top 5.

          Big Blue Diving Koh Tao

          Scuba Shack, Koh Tao

          Asia Divers Resort , Koh Tao

          Ban’s Dive Resort Koh Tao

          Blue Label Diving, Phuket


          Top 5: UK & Ireland

          top 5 dive centres uk ireland

          We very much like our tropical warm-water diving, but that doesn't mean DIVE's staff have forgotten about the UK and Ireland! From the popular wrecks and reefs of Cornwall, the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast, the Farne Island's seals, Scotland's historical Scapa Flow and the pelagic possibilities and deep wrecks of County Donegal, these islands are home to some outstanding diving – but without the legions of sun-seeking tourists that tropical destinations have to put up with. It might be a bit cooler below the surface, but it's also a lot quieter, there is much to see, and so here are the five dive centres currently topping the leaderboard of local scuba diving establishments.

          Atlantic Scuba, Cornwall UK

          Divemaster Scuba, Nottingham

          South Coast Divers, Portsmouth

          Scuba Dive West, Galway, Ireland

          Scuba Quest, Chepstow, UK



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